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Time for The Antique Nomad to migrate to the Midwest for Spring show season! Fresh vintage stock is the key to future success, and it’s provided by stops in antique-filled towns, flea markets, estate sales and little shops along the way.

Now it’s unpacking time, when we see the most recent finds and share what we paid, why we like them and what makes them candidates for reseller success! Whether it’s Seminole dolls from Florida, Shearwater Pottery from an Atlanta manor or bargain digs from a dusty shed, finding things to amuse and thrill collectors is our journey’s mission. Mission accomplished!

We start by catching up with our Friend Mail, it’s been piling up at my Kentucky home base but only now is being revealed for all to see. I’m full of gratitude for the warm wishes and exciting gifts sent by viewers from Illinois, New York and Michigan, who delight me with everything from a (belated) Valentine, vintage matchbooks and a Zippo lighter to a Navajo watch band, coin and stamp collections and a set of “naughty” tumblers that find a place in my heart (and my barware collection).

Then it’s on to the haul! Variety is the spice of life (and my reseller booths), so we see Murano figurines from a 75% off case, a cool carved totem pole, Rumrill/Red Wing and a fabulous oil drip lamp with a bashful bather at its center. I share prices paid and values expected as appropriate, in hopes that resellers can better understand what I find buyable, and collectors can understand the effort it takes to keep true vintage and antique goodies in stock.

Here’s some more of what we explore in this haul video:

Lucky Strikes box, shell stickpin, Indians of America, Chicago Worlds Fair postcards, Murano elephant, Chinese figure, Murano vegetable, Treasure Craft leaf, folding pipe, Meerschaum pipe, Hotel LaSalle plate, 1970s enamel pins, 1910's fob/stamp, Shearwater pirate, license plates, Niloak strawberry vase, Josef November lady, eagle house ornament, Blenko twin spout pitcher, King Kamehameha Coco Joe's figure, Sweetheart WWII pillowcase, Red Wing Tampico milk jug,
Royal Doulton compote, 1950s chef pretzel holder, 1950s chicken hors d'oeurves, crewel runner,
Seattle World's Fair plates, etc.


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