Riding on Japan’s Amazing Overnight Train | Twin Bed Compartment

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Today we rode Japan’s amazing overnight train, the Sunrise Izumo Express in its Twin bed compartment.

Fee: 30000JPY/230USD
Route: Tokyo-Izumo
Train: Sunrise Limited Sleeper Express (Izumo)
Room: Double Bed Compartment (Sunrise Twin)
Experience: Sunbathing

Intro: 0:00
Sunrise Express Kit: 0:16
Bento Hunting: 1:10
Room Tour: 4:44
Dinner Tour: 9:11
Train Tour: 11:07
Morning on the Sunrise Express: 14:42
Sunrise Uncoupling: 16:05
Breakfast Tour: 16:32
Scenery on the Sunrise Express: 18:02
Trip Summary: 20:46
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